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About Nkhoma Mission Hospital

Serving the people of Malawi

Nkhoma Hospital functions as a District Hospital with responsibilities for the preventive and curative health care of a defined catchment population. The 250-bed hospital provides broad outpatient and inpatient services in surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics and adult medicine.  The hospital gets referrals from 9 health centers within the catchment area. Nkhoma Hospital also oversees 11 health centers beyond the catchment area.These are, Chinthembwe in ntchisi, Mphunzi in Dedza, Mlanda and Chigodi in Ntcheu,Malingunde,Dedza,Chiwe in Lilongwe and newly constructed facilities Chilanga in Kasungu and Livulezi in Ntcheu.

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Our Partners

Africa desperately needs more healthcare workers. The dream of AMH and Nkhoma Mission Hospital with the Teaching Hospital Network is to have more well-trained, compassionate health professionals and to improve health systems in order to make sure everyone has access to quality, compassionate healthcare. For the coming years, Nkhoma Hospital focusses on the start of the new PAACS training program as well as the continuation of the Family Medicine Program, including more operating rooms and housing for lecturers, students and staff.

Nkhoma’s Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program reaches out to 13 villages in our catchment area. Following the CHE philosophies of sustainability and local ownership, our Nkhoma CHE trainer, who is also an assistant chaplain at the hospital, helps local people solve problems using local resources. Trainings in hygiene and agriculture are paired with messages of hope and healing for communities.

Difaem’s ASSET project intends to mobilize local communities in Ntchisi and Nkhoma to use their own Assets and promotes local ownership and local contributions to improve health outcomes. The perspective changes from “glass half empty” to the “glass half full”: less depending on what you don’t have, but discovering what you can do with your assets and local recourses to improve nutrition, hygiene healthcare.

For over 55 years, the Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) has worked to provide Hope and Healing to those most in need. Our strategic partnership is a long-term committed partnership, focusing on sustainable grow and healing ministries at Nkhoma Mission Hospital. MBF supported and participated in our Strategic Planning sessions to create our Strategic Plan for 2019-2022, is our partner in submitting grant proposals to various organizations in the USA on major projects, supports the development of our training programs, advises on hospital operations and is a partner in our healing ministries.

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